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    Thursday, December 21, 2006

    the story teller

    sometimes i sit down and i think that i'm not actually there. its kind of weird to explain. its like you're looking down n yourself and watching your own story unfold before your eyes. but you don't know what happens next. i look at the situations i'm facing but its like i'm not really there... i guess you guys probably think i'm crapping right? haha.. maybe i am.. i honestly don't know how to explain all this.. its like i'm in this alternate universe where i'm watching myself live and berate myself for the shtupit things i do *kee kee*. ahh.. don't know how to explain it.. anyway...

    i want.. a waffle. from waffle. belgian waffle. with vanilla ice cream. YUM.

    but thenn.. i need to exercise. getting fat again. T.T anyone wanna go swimmin with me? i don't like the gym. maybe i should go dance. but no more classes. ew. the winx look like their heads are too big. O.O anyway. i really want a waffle. i heard that if u get a craving, u should paint ur nails. by the time ur nails have dried, your craving would have gone away. but i don't have any nail polish. @.@ ehat shall i do?

    eat somemore. good idea.

    oh. and i think i'm getting addicted to the internet. @.@ i should find something else to do. ngiuu.. like.. like..

    homework? nah.

    housework? nah.

    more internet? yeah sounds good to me.



    Shammy said...

    i bought a dress! x)

    Sammy said...

    yay.. internet =)

    i'm back btw=D.. you guys can rejoice and we shall go out soon.

    just buzz me.

    Kurasawa said...

    o___o ... Stop copying me... It freaks me out hahaha XD then again you might really want a waffle.


    "ROFLROFL, I FOUND A WAFFLE." - Kura said.

    katiebaby said...

    shammie : yah i know. lol. :D

    sammie : let's go swimming.

    khai : me no copy. i want waffle. XD

    Łуиz said...

    2.20am!! =S ^^

    marshybear said...

    no no no.. go read a book or cook something..staring at the comp for so long is gonna make your eyes hurt =P yesh i wanna go swimming too..we can go swimming after i get back from penang k and do the baking thing too =D mmm my tummy's rumbling already =P oh and what are all you people gonna wear for the nst party ?? cant wait for it !!!

    Shammy said...