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    Sunday, November 01, 2009


    I'll explain myself. ;p

    All-American Rejects yesterday!! I had a pretty good time, all things considered. The crowd was really inconsiderate this time around though, definitely not like World Stage. Strangely enough, there were more Chinese than Malays, and they were so much more inconsiderate. Like, in World Stage, there were alot of Malays but they were really friendly and they would look out for you. And at World Stage they gave us fans, which was really REALLY good, especially for shorties like me who need it to get air.
    Anyway, this crowd was like, you die you die lah. It was ridiculous!! D<

    Anyway, I got separated from Inessa and Jared pretty early on, and I just kept getting further and further away from them (which, if you ask me, wasn't that bad a thing, RIGHT NES? ;D). Thankfully, I made a few friends, although I only remember the names of one of them, which was Jeremy. Anyway, one of them was Munnie's friend (She's Inessa's friend, who is now my friend (: ) so she didn't worry too much.

    Disagree was really really good!!! I was quite surprised, but they did a good job, though I'm not sure it was so good to start with a band that only seems to play slower songs. Abit sleepy, but they sounded pretty amazing.

    Pop Shuvit was actually not bad XD I was never really a fan of them, but after last night, I guess I have a new respect for them, they're not that bad. ;p

    One Buck Short was next, and omg, the crowd was MEAN at this part okay. Like, Natalie from the Hitz Drive-Thru was trying to get the crowd pumped up for One Buck Short, "Let's hear it for One Buck Short!!!" and all that and I was shouting, "YEAAHHH!" just to support them, but everyone was BOOING! OMG, super super mean. Malaysians, you guys are seriously terrible. I don't actually like One Buck Short that much, but still!! Shame. Anyway, Mookie (?) the lead singer was in hospital, so they brought in a bunch of other singers, which was really cool!! There was the singer from Bunkface (Who's actually pretty cute ;p), Liyana from Estrella, and a few others.

    AAR FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they were super late lah, we waited like half an hour. I was DYING, and then I turned around and I only saw Munnie, I couldn't see Inessa or Jared, so I texted Nessa and omg, SHE BLACKED OUT OKAY. I PANICKED. GILAAAAA! But she was okay, Jared took her out of the crowd. Then I turned around, and I couldn't even see Munnie anymore, and it turned out that I was on my own coz Munnie was with Nessa. Pretty scary shit, but I guess I was okay. At least Jeremy gave me some water. (:

    There were these stupid girls behind me, screaming and yelling, TYSON MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm like, pffht sure. XD So anyway, they FINALLY came on and I was so excited, I was pretty close to the stage already! Tyson came out in SILVER SHOES (Yes, that's how close I was) and a red Indian feather hat thingy, which was ADORABLE! Hahaaa. For some reason, he was pretty nasal but who cares right? XD Nick Wheeler looked super cute. ;p So did the other guitarist whose name I can never for the life of me remember. I think it's Kenny.. Or something like that. Kenny, or Chris, though I'm pretty sure Chris was the drummer.

    Anyway, they sang Dirty Little Secret, Swing Swing, MONA LISA!!!!!!, Wind Blows (gosh, I actually don't remember the title o.o), It Ends Tonight (which began the same way it did during WS), Real World, and a few more. Not too bad, they performed for about an hour? So I guess it was quite worth the wait :D
    I got nearer and nearer and by the time they were singing the second last song, I was one row behind the row that was behind the bar thingy! XD Closest I have ever been to a concert stage in my life. *o* I got a few pics, but on my phone. Can't see the faces, but I know who's who :D

    There was this Indian girl in front of me at one point, with this HUGE bush of hair, and it was flying all over the place and getting into my mouth, which was GROSS and I was trying to keepy her away from me by holding my elbow in front of me, and she turned and gave me this DIRTY look, which pissed me off so badly, I said, "What?" and then she turned back. I got nearer to the stage than her. HAHAHAHAHA. There was also this fat Malay dude who Munnie and I wanted to stab, he was SO irritatingly LOUD and obnoxious. Anyway, I was behind him and I swear he's gay or something, he kept pushing past people to get nearer to the stage and he kept doing the I Love You hand signal and I'm pretty sure I heard him say I love you Tyson. @.@ Anyway, it was disgusting, I think I was soaking up his sweat, and he was an awful singer. D: I did end up in front of him though. XD

    Anyway, after the whole thing, I went out and headed straight to the drinks vendor, he thrusted two cups in front of me and said, Ambik! Lol. I just paid the guy, I didn't care. AND gulped down both drinks. Then I couldn't get through to Nessa, which REALLY scared me, so I texted her and waited there until she came to get me.

    For some reason, everyone was worried about me. o.o Lol. It feels nice to be worried about. HAHA!

    Anyway, this was a reallyreally long post, and I'm still debating about whether or not to go to school tomorrow. ;p Toodles!

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