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    Friday, November 06, 2009

    Driving around.

    "The party don't start till I walk in." - Ke$ha, Tik Tok.

    Okay, I still hate the fact that she's got a freaking dollar sign. PFFT. So try-hard. But, addictive song, what can I say.

    Anyway, went to Midvalley earlier, and it was superbly difficult to find a parking space. So we drove around and then we spotted this guy moving out, so mom quickly turned the corner. Just as we were waiting this girl comes from the other side (going the WRONG way, may I add) and then puts on her signal! I was OMG, the NERVE!!! Anyway, this guy moves out, and she quickly revs her car up and tries to get straight in. AND SHE GOT THERE FIRST! D: AND THEN WHEN MY MOTHER TRIED TO SIGNAL TO HER THAT WE WERE THERE FIRST, SHE JUST WENT RIGHT INTO THE SPACE!
    I was so mad. I wanted to roll down the window, and yell at the BITCH and flip her the finger, but unfortunately, I couldn't. D<

    Anyway, about ten minutes later, we drove by the same spot, and she was STILL trying to park. HAHAHAAHAH! I laughed super hard, I'm pretty sure she saw me laughing. I regret not pointing while I laughed at her.

    Freaking bitchesssss.

    Anyway, yeah, that's my story for today. :3 Ciao!

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