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    Thursday, November 26, 2009

    Hair&clothes :D

    Lol, got my fringe cut. It doesn't look as good as it does in the photos though. Not thick enough yet ): But my hairdresser said it's just so I can get used to it, and then after SPM he'll cut it properly for me.

    Kind of weird, this thing on my forehead. XD Gets sweaty REALLY fast, which is irritating, but oh well.

    WENT FOR THE SALE!! :D Inessa couldn't join me last minute, and mom felt bad, so she decided to take some time off work to take me last minute :D I lub my mummy. We got TEN pieces okay. About RM219, which is already pretty damn good, since prices usually range from RM30 - RM50, and that means four or five pieces would already be RM200. Mom and I got 5 pieces each, I got a SUPER bright orangey red dress with asymmetrical hem, a cute skirt, two singlets, and a graphic t-shirt, most of them from Zara. There was this cropped trench coat jacket that I REALLY REALLY LOVED, but no size!!!! D: There was only M, and one size bigger would have been ABSOLUTELY FREAKING PERFECT, but nooo. ): Kathleen got it though!! I think she'll look cute :D AND there were shoes, but once again, no size. So damn cheap too!!! Wasted. I knew we shoulda gone earlier. XD But whatever, I'm pretty happy, plus I can mooch off my mom's stuff too XD

    All in all, a pretty great day :D Now to put my nose back to the grindstone, English Lit and Science next week. Ohmygosh. I can almost taste my freedom!!!!!!

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