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    Saturday, December 06, 2008


    I watched Twilight the movie.
    It was...

    As bad as predicted.

    It was really just a bad.. Bad movie.
    Robert Pattinson is made out of wood, I swear it.
    Look! Wood grains.
    No wait. Sequins.
    Yes people. The all-famous Vampires-R-Sparkles scene was filled with just that.

    It's like this.

    Bella : I know what you are. VAMPIRE.
    Edward : -runs around agitated-
    Bella : Well? Aren't you going to suck my blood?
    Edward : Nyar! I must show you how my skin looks.. In sunlight!!
    -picks Bella up and the god-awful running scene ensues-

    Edward : Look! At my skin!! -climbs onto giant rock with dramatic light shaft-
    Bella : -Gasp!-Oh Edward! You're beautiful! (not)
    Edward : This is the skin! Of a KILLAAAAAAAAAA!

    In truth, it's not really very beautiful, it just looks like some hyperactive kid with ADD got loose with glitter and sequins and fairy dust.
    It was so LAME. It was really just a LAME show, with LAME corny lines and LAME love scenes. 

    AND they could have done the scenes with special effects SOOOOOO much better. Honestly.

    The only things that made up for the show was Bella, who was surprisingly NOT stupid, the cinematography and the soundtrack. The music used was pretty good, I must say.
    I didn't hear Decode at all though.
    Uhm, HELLO??!?

    Anyway. Twilight's worth it only if you 

    1. Hate Twilight.
    2. Have read the book and hated it.
    3. Just want to have a good laugh and groan. 


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