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    Friday, December 19, 2008


    I know this post is MAJORLY overdue!! XD
    First off, (obviously) I'm home! And I feel awesomely rejuvenated.
    I have a new little big brother now. Zen. LOOOOL, little coz he's younger, big coz he's taller. Like, ALOT taller, he's 6'1. Insane!
    Secondly, I'm reeeeeeaally regretting not being able to go for Comic Fiesta today. ): I wish I checked Mishi's blog damnit! But oh well. I've got a dinner tonight, I'll be seeing Marcia then.
    Thirdly, I'm super excited!! For some reason, excited to go back to school. Not for the studying and teachers (though Pn Asimah will be a welcome face), but to see you guys! Except the Form Fivers. I will kidnap you all, I swear.

    Why am I so excited? Well, this sounds REALLY weird, but I'm really psyched about sharing Jesus with you guys. The things he's done for me are worth listening to, really. I'm not going to stuff a crucifix down your throats, but I'll probably be talking a little bit more about Jesus and I'll be doing quite a few things differently.
    Numero Uno : I'm going to stop swearing!!
    So.. You guys gotta help me, don't swear around me. Pretty please? Haha. Thanks.

    Anyway, I've kind of gotta run, so I'll leave with a great big Yuletide greeting!


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