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    Monday, December 01, 2008


    Thinking of things to say. Hmm.

    OH YES.
    Lol. My mom and I made new discoveries today. Nose is actually really affordable. I was always under the impression that Nose was this extremely expensive place that we could never afford and that was why we always went to Vincci (which kinda sucks now, to tell you the truth. It's so boring in there, gawd.). So yes, I have these super cute flats from Nose, they're blue and they look really cool. I'll take a photo sometime and put it up, coz they're so darn cute. ^^ RM39.90, or something like that.

    Then we went into i=am, which is that Will-I-Am store. I always thought THAT was really expensive too, so we never went in. Plus, the stuff in there always looked pretty lala from the outside. The BRIGHTNESS of the colours in there were insane, and there was so much frigging gold and silver, metallic too, not matte or anything like that. Kinda scary. So yes, we decided to go in because we saw these ultra cool sandals. They were the lightest things in the world, I swear! It's like you're not wearing anything at all. Then we found really cute canvas shoes, just plain ones coz I've been looking for a pair to draw on. (: RM45, I think.

    So we ended up buying those, coz they were surprisingly cheaper than Pallas that you could find in like Giant and Bata, and much lighter. More wearable. They're so adorable. I've already started my sketches on them. I can't wait to actually paint them, it's gonna look so damn cool. 

    -jumps in glee-

    So yes, that's my news for today. ^^ Two pairs of shoes for under RM100. I swear, Seventeen magazine should take shopping tips from my mom and I. I mean, come on Seventeen. Which teenager (unless they come from a rich-ass family) can affored Juicy Couture and Ted Baker? PFFT.

    And shoes from Steve Madden or Jessica Simpson at Stage. Gawd!

    Kay. It's really late and I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I'm going to go to bed. (: Night!

    Oh yes. Warren called me today. Exciting. >:3

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