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    Thursday, December 11, 2008


    "Did you forget that I was even alive?" - Demi Lovato, Don't Forget.

    Dutchboy's here! 
    I took him out to Sunway yesterday, with Mel and Sam. We had fun.
    I hope he had fun. :/
    Things I learnt about the Dutchboy :

    1. His name is actually said "Arie-Yan". I had no freaking idea. I've been saying his name wrong since i first met him. O: WTF?! Haha.
    2. His name in his passport (Yeah, I took the liberty of looking at it :P) is Arie Jan. I forgot his surname. D:
    3. He is over 190 cm tall. That is insane. He's so damn tall, I swear. He had to duck under doorways. Haha! I'll never get tired of that, he was like, shut up Kate, it's not funny. XDD It was, Ar-yan.
    4. His feet are humongo. Well, okay, average sized for a boy. Size ten. I know coz he needed to buy slippers and Bata didn't have his size, so we ended up buying Rm35 slippers. Insane.
    5. He's really shy around Mel and Sam, but with me he's fine. He bullied me on the ice!! Evil. D<

    I guess that's it for now. He's ticklish, I tickled him on the ice. Mua ha ha!

    So yeah. Maybe we can go out again, you guys! When Mish gets back, when Zi Lynn gets back, when I get back and when Debs gets a break off work. ;.;
    I've got two photos of Ar-yan, but I'll put them up later.

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