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    Monday, August 18, 2008

    "there is no one like you ; in a world of black and white, you are the only one in colour." - only one in colour, trapt

    okay! so yesterday was an unusually eventful day. hilarious, too. i slept over at debbie's the night before cause we went swimming. i got a new bikini! ^^ but i wore my black t shirt over most of the time because FRIAR didn't tell me that there were more Malays than anything else there. can you imagine wearing bikinis around a bunch of Malay women who are wearing shorts and bright pink t shirts (horrible, horrible, especially when they're, well, a little bit overweight -koffkofffatkoff-)?? they'll all probably take one look at you and then you'd have this giant chop across your forehead saying SLUT. so yeah. for the sake of my dignity, i wore the black t shirt over my pretty new bikini that i bought meself. ;.;

    anyway! then, that night, after talking to ins cause she was lonely (i love you sweets), mayuri and mal sms me about the same thing :

    mayuri : there's a creative writing workshop in mph tomorrow from 1 to 5pm. feel like being a good friend and accompanying me there?

    mallini : there's a creative writing workshop tomorrow in mph, one utama from 1 to 5. wanna go?

    so me, being the nice person that i am, ask my mommy's permission to go. i thought it'd be pretty good, seeing how i'm thinking of entering this writing competition and try to win SOMETHING so i can smack it into madam yong's annoying face and say "hah! i am worthy of writing to a foreigner, see! the science 1's and science 2's aren't the only competent ones around!!" no offence to those in science 1 and science 2.

    so then debbie wheedles permission from her own parents and off we go. sms mayuri : are you at mph yet? she says yes. so debbie, mom, sara and i step onto the mechanical stairs and up up up we go... only to find that this workshop is in BM.

    -points at mayuri-

    so yeah. then we waited for mal to come and insisted mayuri tell her. then we looked down the escalator and saw mal coming up but mayuri ran away to the ISLAMIC section, grabbed somerandom book (which was tiny XDD) and hid behind it. as our darling jo would say : stupid girl!! XDD anyway, with the help of debbie, mal found us and then we told her and she laughed.

    so yeah. the four of us spent about two hours traipsing around one utama aimlessly, buying ice cream, people watching and trying to help debbie conquer her fear of heights. :D which was HILARIOUS.

    oh, and mallini walked STRAIGHT into a wall. BHAHAHAHAHA!

    mal : -distracted- look at that oven...... ACK! -smacks straight into a wall-

    it was so funny. bahaha! we should do this again sometimes, you weirdos. maybe the next time mayuri gets her details wrong about something. XDD no mayu, you will never live this down.

    anyway! besides all that, and exhausting the panic at the disco pretty. odd. album in my phone, i have been :

    1. singing in chinese for my grandma's birthday. i still don't remember those lyrics. some jay chou song. "tung ma ma bie..." something. @.@ DON'T ASK ME TO SING IT. i can sing you the happy birthday one!

    2. doing my homework. okay, thats only partially true. :P

    3. going to the times bookstore sale! uhm, and making this stupid mistake where i thought we didn't have tony parson's "man and boy" and insisting we get it and then opening it and remebering that i HAVE read it. -palm to face-

    4. being sad because the sale didn't have my usual old issues of girlfriend magazine. hey, that magazine is AWESOME okay.

    5. pulling my brains out of my ears thinking of what to get for nicole for her birthday.

    6. trying to fit everything i want to do within the week, which is going to be near impossible.
    and now, i am listening to the phantom of the opera album! yeay!
    ciaoz, mi bonitas.

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    Abuela said...

    I'm telling you... the wall SPRANG up when we weren't looking!!!