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    Thursday, August 07, 2008

    More Random Moments.

    "This heart, it beats, beats for only you." - Paramore, My Heart

    i should just stop going to school. everytime i go there, i end up having a really good time, all because of the monkeys i know. XD
    oh! i forgot another blonde moment, this time by farah. it was so random, mishi, zi lynn, aqila and i just stood gawping for a while before bursting out laughing.

    -walking along back to class-
    farah : oh!!
    the rest of us : o.o
    farah : i love my pinky pinky.. browny browny new bra.. with matching panties!! 8D
    the rest of us : -stone- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    aqila : i thought you had an important announcement!!

    rofl. that was hilariously unexpected. anyway. moving on to other random moments, if i can recall them. the most famour one of the day was made by Pablo, or Sanonymous. XD

    Pablo : oh, sometimes, sometimes, when i get turned on, i touch myself.
    Kate : o.o .... WHAT?!
    Zi Lynn : did she just say..
    Pablo : yeah, like i touch my neck alot.
    All of us : -stone-
    Pablo : OHMIGOD, NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!
    All of us : OHMIGOD AAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

    Pablo insisted on remaining anonymous. the pressure was just too much. x)

    okay what else. i really wanna put up mayu's moment, but then again, i don't want her to never tell me anything again. :P oh yeah : we were all waiting at the long bench after elds and, well, making a helluva lot of noise, when ally grabs my phone pouch and takes my phone out. I just though she wanted to nose around in it, so i let her lah. i turned to talk to mallini, turned to ally ; AND SHE WAS ON MY PHONE, TALKING!

    ally : hah, you mean you didn't know?
    kate : what do you mean, i didn't know, of course i didn't know!
    ally : well, usually when someone takes my phone and starts dialling, i assume they're going to use it lah! so when you didn't say anything, i thought, okaylah, i can use lah!
    kate : -THWACK-
    ally : HAHA, you're so cute!

    so yes. she did quite give me the heart attack. <_< oh there's another one with ally, and also Sulekha.

    sulu : oh, i'm so in love with my japanese exchange student!
    kate : it's a boy?
    sulu : no, it's a girl. her name is -
    ally : wait, you're in love with a girl?
    sulu : hah? no, i -
    kate : wait, didn't you say your japanese student was a boy?
    sulu : he is, but i'm not talking about hi-
    kate : but then you just said it was a girl!
    ally : yeah, wait, what?
    sulu : hah?? no, i was talking about the exchange student in my class!
    kate and ally : there's an exchange student in your class??!
    sulu : yeah, an i'm so in love with her! she's so... FASCINATING. 8D
    kate : then who's your pen pal?
    ally : OHH pen pal!
    sulu : that one's a boy lah!
    ally : wait, so you're in love with a girl?
    sulu : NO LAH!

    XD i know, its long and alot to digest, but if you were there with me, it was HILARIOUS. we were insanely confused. XD

    kate : -leans on mayu-
    mayu : - pats kate's head-
    kate : .. you almost poked me in the eye.
    mayu : .. sorry, i was trying to be comforting, but i guess it didn't work. you ruined the moment kate!!

    XD -shrug- i am teh moment ruiner. :P

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