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    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Look at what you've done to me.

    lol. second post for the day. to cheer everybody up, here is an extremely HOT photo of the uber sexy GASPARD ULLIEL. who is amazingly photogenic.

    he should be shot for being so ridiculously sexy.

    no wait, i take that back!! :P mayuri will be very happy after seeing this, i better go tell her. ^^ methinks that for my next post, i shall do the pretty boy list. ho hum~

    NO WAIT!! first, animax carnival photos. LOTS OF DEBBIE AND ZI LYNN PHOTOS BWA HA HA! ooh, and a sexy dude, mm-mm.

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    And I've never gotten around watching Hannibal Rising. *walled*

    Well, I remember him being Nikoru's hottie of the week... once upon a time.
    And I can't disagree, he should be put in the slammer for making girls (and gay men) swoon like an idiots. xD;