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    Friday, August 29, 2008


    "Though the world is flawed, these scars will heal." - switchfoot, we are one tonight

    i sit here now watching Ugly Betty, eating oranges and sniffing because i believe that i have (jengjengjeng) a cold. -i blame sara XD-

    anyhoo! my new love ~

    kinder joy!! its SOOOO yummy. ;.; sinful, sinful. :P

    hmmm. today, i got sent out on the field. for asking aqila a question. i mean, wth. stupid puan jasminder. =.=

    okay. its like this. the entire hall was making noise. how she possibly picked the two of us out of ALL the girls in the VERY LARGE hall is beyond me. i happened to be asking aqila a question that required some hand movements. waving, and such. suddenly, mal is poking my shoulder and pointing behind me and going "kaaaaaaate..." and i turn around and puan jasminder's pointing her styupid finger at me and aqila and telling us to get out of the hall. so we did. off to the field we go.

    aqila is the perfect example of what NOT to do on the field when being punished. that girl! she was talking and dancing on the field! XDD (mishi saw and drew it out for proof. :P) so then the prefects came over and said hannah and some other girl could go in but aqila and i couldn't because we were talking too much.

    i TOLD her to shut up, i did!!! ;.;

    so yes. even when i was doubled over in pain (crampscrampscramps) and my legs had been exhausted, i endured! i survived.

    pfft. being on the field is SO no big deal. and then shiva was looking at us and aqila waved and shiva's face went from stern to WTF? XDD hilarious.

    oh oh, and cik cecilia was talking non stop to encik mugu. O: well, in between throwing "you deserve it" looks at us. -eyeroll- nosy voman. she asked hannah why she was there and hannah told her and then she told hannah "good, learn your lesson." hannah got sent out for talking when puan jasminder told her to move up. @.@ like, okay....

    so yeah! the very big events of today were concluded with the ELDS party!! which are better seen rather than read, so i'll put up the few photos that i have in the next post. ^^


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