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    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Blonde Moments. XD

    okay. today and yesterday were chock full of blonde moments. let me see if i can remember them all. x)
    these scenarios are not in sequence, mind you.

    Scenario 1

    okay, zi lynn and i were in the cafeteria drawing and my phone was in the pouch that mayu gave me, which has a little pig on it, by the way. we were plying some music in it. mallini comes and sits down after her new south wales test (which WE never got to take, by the way, SO pissy offy) and picks up the pouch. my phone drops out and so does mallini's mouth.

    kate : where'd you think the music was coming from, the pig??
    mallini : actually yes!
    kate and zi lynn : -stare-
    mallini : yeah, i was thinking why did mayu give you something so cool that the pig sang!! O:
    kate and zi lynn : ROFL!!!!!!!!

    Scenario 2

    okay, this is after the whole pig thing. debbie's back after her leo meeting and suddenly, mallini start flapping her arms around.

    debbie : what, what?!?
    mallini : i have something to tell you!!
    debbie : yes, what?
    mallini : this morning, i was walking and then i saw you doing your duty waaaay over the other side there -points vaguely- and i said to myself "why the hell is ally doing her duty today?!?"

    for the benefit of those who don't know who ally or debbie is, debbie looks like the smaller version of ally. even more so now coz debbie's a prefect. xDDD

    Scenario 3

    this was this morning. i was walking to the field with aqila, then i remembered something.

    kate : aqila, aqila!!
    aqila : what, what, what, huh, i'm not purple!!!!
    kate : WHAT?!
    aqila : what? i'm not!
    kate : BWA HA HA HA HA HA!

    Scenario 4

    okay. this is debbie. she was afraid that christina was gonna get curry all over her pictures, so she put the file in between them and propped it up with the bottles. the bowl of curry is over at christina's side. christina is in a baju kurung. the file starts to slip....
    PLOOSH!!!! there goes the curry ALL OVER ONE SIDE OF CHRIS' BAJU KURUNG.

    debbie : OHMIGOD I'M SO SORRY!!!!
    christina : it's okay, at least i'm covered in something i like. XD
    debbie and kate : ugh, looks like PUKE.

    okay. i don't remember the rest. i think zi lynn might have some more. x)

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    Mallini said...

    You just had to post the blond moments..... didn't you?