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    Friday, August 01, 2008

    The Kate Manual.

    There are only a few things to know when using or working with the Kate.

    Number 1 : She tends to be hyper and weird, so just bear with her. You'll learn to love her. XD
    Number 2 : She's fairly sensitive. Be careful! You tread in dangerous waters.
    Number 3 : She often forgets what she wants to say. Like right now. Give me a minute.
    Number 4 : She does love music and can talk about it to anyone who will listen.
    Number 5 : She tends to get a bit philosophical after a book / movie / long day of thinking.
    Number 6 : A little bit insecure. The Kate doesn't ask for reassurance, but likes it when she gets some. (:
    Number 7 : She likes hot boys. But then again, who doesn't? XDD (unless you're a guy yourself. and straight.)
    Number 8 : She very much likes chocolate and anything sweet, so be careful when you let her near any substances with those characteristics.
    Number 9 : She has a long fuse, but gets angry easily when
    a) is PMS-ing
    b) is agitated
    Number 10 : When she's sleepy, she tends to babble. Okay, so that happens whether she's sleepy or not, but so what. x)

    Today, we shall talk about how to tell when the Kate is angry and what to do.
    How does one tell when the Kate is angry / upset? These are the symptoms :

    1. Her face turns black. No, not literally. You will see a rather evident change in facial expressions. Usually, when the Kate is angered, you will see her set her jaw and refuse to speak unless spoken to directly.
    2. She starts to slam things and be rougher than usual. Example : Books will be thrown (not violently, but enough to attract some attention) onto the table and pencils will be flicked.
    3. She may resort to self harm in order to get rid of the anger. Self harm includes anything from slamming her hand against the wall to digging her nails into her arms.
    4. You will see her trying not to cry.

    So, what does one do when the Kate starts to show these symptoms? Well, it's simple, really :

    Don't say anything and don't touch her for a while as she tries to regain her composure. You may attempt a joke. If she cracks a smile, this is a good sign. If you see no change in expression, be quiet until she returns to normal again. I might emphasize the "do not touch" and "do not speak" parts. These actions, while most probably done out of concern and good intentions, may either cause the Kate to self-destruct or break down.

    There! All done. You are almost all set to use or work with the Kate. There are a few more things we might cover later on. Most of the time, however, you might have to simply learn how to use or work with the Kate along the way. Don't worry, she will not cause you much physical harm, unless of course, you really make her angry. Then, I suggest you run for you life.

    This manual will now self-destruct. Have a nice day!


    moving on to lighter subjects, i will have to take pictures of my scrapbook and show you guys! is awesome. ^^
    thanks ultimately, Nicole and Marcia for making it so special. I truly feel so appreciated and loved by you guys. ^^

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