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    Monday, June 11, 2007

    hellooooo.. i know i've not been here for quite a while. but i'm back! not for long. PMR is coming up and i really REALLY do have to study for it. so far, i've got my geography and english marks and things aren't looking too good. i shan't say anything. :P

    hmm.. i was thinking the other day.. you know how they say in the science books that everything we see is actually upside down? but our brain interprets it as right side up? does that mean that everything is actually upside down? and if that really is, then doesn't it mean that gravity is a whole different thing? i don't know. just a thought. there was something else but i don't remember now. my mom got a new phone! its AWESOME. haha. its got mp3 and everything. i was practically screaming inside. heh heh. scott says i'm like some kind of venom symbiote. the minute the phone gets into my grubby little hands, the black oozy thingy starts creeping out all over the phone and makes it mine, mine, all mine! i mean.. ahem. mom's. but its coooool! sorry, but when it comes to technology, i'm quite jakun, much unlike my technology savvy friends, i.e, inessa and isaac.

    i went to watch pirates 3 last last weekend with ben, ins and isaac. it was SO COOL! i love johnny depp even more now. ben and i thought he was going nuts or something at the part when there were so many of him on the ship. well, yes he was. the rock was following him. XD it was actually a part of calypso, i think. the white crab. i thought it was so cute! haha.. keith richards so looked like him!! i had no idea. it was fun. my two favourite parts were:

    jack : how's mom?
    teague: *holds up shrunken head*
    jack: *reels back* uhh... she looks.. great!


    the part when jack's in the jail cell and he escapes.
    jack 1: charming fellow.
    jack 2: yes, i miss him already.
    jack 3 (stuck on wall): nobody move! i dropped me brain.

    yes yes. the brilliance of johnny depp as an actor simply leaves me wanting more. hahaha.. i went back with inessa and we had the shepherd's pie that her grandma made. it was yummy.

    i have to go now, scott is trying to get me off. so, i had better go, he's flashing the lighter, which is making me rather scared because he could very well accidentally catch fire to the cupboard in front of him and.. i'd rather not think about it.

    oh. anysa's dog is pregnant! cooool. :P


    Philip said...

    why u go spoil the show for people who havent watch eh?



    katiebaby* said...

    eh. LOTS of people watch already okay!

    sorry if YOU haven't (except i know you have). XP ngeh ngeh!