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    Monday, June 25, 2007

    dot dash dot

    i don't think i'll ever be able to write posts like how all you canggih-fied people out there. big spaces and all. weird! i try, but it doesn't end up looking as good as the way you guys do it. o.o a mystery of blogging.

    the grim adventures of billie and mandy. yay!

    i got bored, okay. i like how my hair does that curvy thingy. :D

    i know, i know. retarded poser pic. again, i was bored. on the way to ushering during the last resonate. did you know, the next one is on my birthday? *hint hint*

    i drew that on school. it looks like crap here but its actually really pretty. >:D

    the hitchhiker on my mother's car window. cool! XD

    i got my hair cut yesterday. before i went in john said,"come let me chop off your hair now!"

    he wasn't kidding.

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    Insight said...

    that flower you drew on your hand is nice in the picture la... hmmhmmhmmm you cut your hair!! cant wait to see :P