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    Sunday, May 27, 2007


    today i went to church. this guy called dr tim elmore was speaking and i realised alot of stuff today. the most impressionable things that left me nodding were how we treated our "prisons", which would be our problems. there are four ways :

    one. we curse them. you know, we take the prison and we get angry at God and everyone around and you just curse it over and over.

    two. we nurse them. this is a funny yet very true one. its like we take our prisons right? and we actually, not to say we embrace it, but we feed it. we go around carrying our prisons and we use it as an excuse to not do stuff. and we use it to get pity. i'm a pro at this one, no? haha..

    three : we rehearse them. we go over the problenms over and over again in our heads, wishing we could have done this better, said this instead of that, gotten this instead of that. and we don't really let it go. again, yes. i am a pro at this. :P

    four : the best. we use them. we use our prisons for something better, like Peter in Philippians. when he was in prison (literally), he praised God because God actually used Peter's being in prison to let others stand up and preach the gospel! how awesome is that.

    so right now, i've decided to take my prisons, i.e., the portrait, ballet, etc, and i'm gonna let God use them for something else that will glorify Him. its no use pondering something in the past, its no use flipping the bird at everyone because you're angry and there's no point in using your problems to gain pity. all that makes you look and feel really really pathetic. sounds familiar? it struck real close to home for me.

    i think i'll join the PA crew for the portrait. felix! is the offer still on? :P and i've decided to continue my ballet. well, at least finish this exam anyway. sigh. now i have to break in my new pointe shoes. :( haha.. its actually fun doing that but when we actually put it on.. ouch. ouch. ouch. thats all.

    hahaha.. scheizer! i'm going swimming tomorrow. and i'm using the seventeen magazine summer splash thingamabob as motivation to get fit. XD haha.. yes, i believe tis good motivation! :P

    i now love 30 seconds to mars. they make such awesome music.

    *the fact that he's super hot makes it all the more better. hee hee hee.*

    mistah bunneh, ben the "retarded reindeer" but isn't, inessa and me might be going to watch pirates this saturday. whoopee!!! i can't wait. johnny depp and orlando bloom. hotness personified. i haven't watched spiderman 3 though. my brother has been kindly enough not to give out details. topher grace - hot. also the guy who plays peter's best friend. i forgot his name. oh yes! harry osbourne. XD hm. oh yeah, i forgot to mention a couple more guys in the last post about hot guys. i forgot : clay aiken. enrique iglesias. ryan cabrera. rhys wakefield. the guy who plays isaac in heroes. also the guy who plays peter petrelli in heroes.

    i feel bad for not knowing their names. :(

    tata for now! :)


    Tyler-Scott said...

    Forgive my sister, her hormones still rage like stormy seas.

    I should tie a blindfold on her eyes one day and see if she can survive being hot-guy-less.

    Interesting, no?

    Sammy`. said...

    ..but scott, she's a girl! and it's sorta better she says about guys who are ACTUALLY cute than guys who aren't. interesting, yes? =)

    Kimmy said...

    hey! haven't been checking out your blog for awhile. i've been so busy! hmm.. some advice for you.. only quit ballet if you know for sure that you won't regret. my friends here in australia regret that they quit ballet and envy as i'm still taking it. and if you wanna go for a dance school or something like that, most of the time they'll only take people with ballet lessons. hmm.. yeah.. so think properly first yeah? =) hmm.. and i think it's great that you wanna take up other dances! =D i feel absolutely the same way! and i was thinking of quitting ballet too but i know i would really really regret it and i know i that would reduce my chance of getting into a performing arts uni or something so i changed my mind. hmm.. but sometimes, ballet is just so tiring but then what in this world is easy eh?

    Felix said...

    scott and sammy, hahaha... that's funny.

    Philip said...

    hahaha ...
    i tot guys only have hormones that rage like stormy seas....
    oh wells...