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    Saturday, June 30, 2007

    101st post!

    *throws streamers and confetti in the air*

    dear blog,

    thank joo for putting up with my ramblings. yes. i shall now write the stuff that anysa and i make up in class.


    uhh. thats it so far. XD maybe i should call you fippo.

    dear fippo....

    nono. i want to name my next pet fippo. if i get a clothing line, i will call it squeebo. speedo will probably sue me. :P thats how squeebo came about though. we were practising writing upside down and speedo came out as sqeebo. you try! XDthen we added the 'u'. :P

    i am a procrastinator. yes.
    the only reason i want to watch transformers is for shia lebeouf. i confess. *shields self from throngs of angry boys*
    anysa's puppies are adorable! they look like little old people. i like ice!
    i had ice cream just now. :D
    yes i laugh with my mother. you gots a problem wiz that, homey? XD i wanted to do that.
    inessa, ben, isaac and scott won't let me read neil gaiman books. but i've been sneaking peeks into the kindly ones. i only managed half. then i asked scott if i could read the rest and he said no. :(

    i sleepy now. i have tuition at 8am tomorrow.

    oh yah. shammie, you WILL belanja me one starbucks muffin(banana and chocolate chip muffin, if you please.) and a movie ticket. mua ha ha! i'll buy my own popcorn, thanks very muchos. ^^

    toodles! *oodles of canoodles*


    Anonymous said...

    yesh i shall. :D my treat, woo.

    Sammy`. said...

    heyy!... how come she gets a treat and i don't??

    Anonymous said...

    because its her birthday, lah.