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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    lives and souls?

    this past week was hectic. literature night is tonight, inessa's acting in it. i went to the matinee today, it was pretty okay. tuesday we got called down to the hall and sandiya scolded because we weren't actually there at all. heh heh heh. so anyway, we painted the medusa backdrop (i shaded rocks. yay me! hey! they look AWESOME, okayy.). then today i painted the faces of freaks and curled hair with inessa. painting faces was coool. :P okay, okay, so i only did one face. FINE i only painted her eye sockets. but it looked good! O.O okay. but i take credit for curling whats-her-name's hair! sorry i don't remember her name. -.-

    i got paint all over my hands on tuesday and wednesday, so i guess you can say i got "down and dirty"? :P pretty much was by myself since i only exist within the walls of the classroom to you.

    the broadband is working again. this is a GOOD thing. oh! paolo nutini is so cool. hahaha.. i think the brits are AWESOME. scissor sisters. amy winehouse. paolo nutini. :P i want to go for the christina aguilera concert!!! *pout* why does she have to go to SINGAPORE? malaysia is PERFECTLY FINE! well, yes, singapore IS cleaner, but we are bigger! they drink recycled toilet water for heaven's sake. i mean, i'm all for eco friendly and stuff, but thats abit too much. its gonna be an awesome concert though. i'm fairly sure of THAT.

    there's a piece in literature night that scares me. oh joy, the stick-my-finger-down-my-throat-and-watch-me-throwing-up-into-a-toilet-bowl scene by our dear denise. she is an amazing actress though. she made it sound so real it scared me. no seriously it did! the gagging and everything. *shudders*

    i just realized that i have some weird fetish with white shoes, lotions and autobiographies. i love reading autobiographies and i'm real good at writing them too. i don't know why! the most recent autobiography i've read would be "ugly" by constance briscoe. its pretty good. so far, my favourites would be corrie ten boom, heroes of haarlem. come to think of it, auntie poh yoke has given me my best books. two of them, anyway. corrie ten boom and "a wrinkle in time" by madeleine l'engle.

    awesome! :P

    i adore scented lotions! the vanilla one tuako bought back once was THE best. palmer's cocoa is second. then there's the strawberry one a have now. yummy :P

    did you know there's such a thing as BODY GLOSS by palmer's? when i first heard it i was like, who would wanna look as if they'd been lacquered all over? but then i saw and its actually shimmery, not quite glossy. these people should get their describing-words right.


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