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    Sunday, June 17, 2007


    the portrait is over! lol. it was pretty awesome, congrats to ivan, nicole, denise and sarah. and also tim and tze quan. and ben and melissa. :P sammie, marcia and i were ushering. i was up in the balcony, and i could've have strangled this one kid who wouldn't stop traipsing up and down the stairs LOUDLY. so annoying!! and in the middle of the show, too. being an usherer is NOT easy. all these people come in with black faces. i get scared. :P so you kinda don't know whether or not to greet them with a smile because they might just snap back and say,"who's happy, you?" i have this weird fear of people snapping back. XP

    i went to see the cast before the ushering meeting, watched them rehearse the final few scenes. i didn't get to see nicole yesterday, so seeing her today was my oppurtunity to wish her luck. and the rest too, except i didn't get to see tze quan and tim. you know what nicole, you weren't ACTING up there, you were just being you! must've been the easiest role in the world for yah. :P the only time you acted was pretending to like ivan's character. true, no? XD you guys rocked that stage.

    i might get to see anysa's puppies next weekend! she won't let me see them just yet because coco might bite. becoming a mummy changes your priorities. my mom says, that couldn't be any more true. :P i've been sick since wednesday, floo. everyone's getting sick, i think. ben was sick on wednesday too. sara was sick before me. uhm, privina from school. yeah.

    as i had predicted earlier, in me own head, i failed my history, which is bad bad bad. so now i am banned from excursions (funny thing, i went out on friday to buy mel's present. maybe that doesn't count.). i just don't get it. history makes NO sense to me. its just freaking hard. whats the point of it? its not like i'm ever going to refer back to it in the future. unless i'm some sort of malaysian historian, but i highly doubt thats gonna happen. and its all in malay, which makes it worse. i agree with one particular article in the star. if they want our english to get better, make the reading subjects english! isn't that common sense? the more english we READ, the better our english gets. and it doesn't help that the test papers for PMR are set in both english and malay either. if thats the way they want it, might as well not have it in english at all! its quite ridiculous.

    well, my maths and science marks hiked up "gila gila" as geogy would say. i'm pretty glad about that. :D and i just found another favourite movie. this one's called "the perfect catch". it is THE cutest show ever!!!!! potential suitors should first watch that show before considering to date me bacause thats the kind of boyfriend i want. he was so cute! not cute as in looks cute, but cute as in he had the cutest, sweetest attitude ever. :P watch it you guys! you won't be disappointed, especially since its not your everyday fairytale flick like they keep churning out of hollywood nowadays. also must see's include "the pursuit of happyness" and "edward scissorhands". awesome awesome shows. :D

    i have to go and catch up on me sleep now. ttfn!

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