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    Sunday, May 06, 2007

    OK, i'll admit..

    that i think these celebrities are super hot.

    Adam Levine. he's pretty damn hot. yeah, he's skinny and all but i have a weird fixation with skinny boys. my brother will testify to that. XD
    the All American Reject's frontman and guitarist. i don't know their names. I TOLD YOU I HAD STRANGE FIXATIONS! skinny boys, yah know?
    Shia Labeouf. he looks hot in disturbia. the trailer, anyway. XD see? cute.
    Joel Madden! Billy's cute i guess but he's too emo. way way too emo. sorry anysa! PHWOAR! celebs cam whore too. haha! i found this on Yahoo search and thought it was kinda funny.

    Adam Brody (Seth Cohen, the OC). who doesn't love him?! excluding boys, obviously. unless, of course, boys, you DO like him. i forgive you. dorky kid, but CUTE.
    Johnny Depp. AWESOMENESS PERSONIFIED! he's so damn cool. from Edward Scissorhand to Captain Jack Sparrow, this guy CANNOT go wrong.
    okay, i can't find a good image of Ryan Gosling. but he's freaking hot. XD
    others include:
    Jesse Mccartney
    Orlando Bloom
    Pete Wentz
    Patrick Stump
    Rob Thomas *sexy*
    Channing Tatum
    Jared Leto
    Ashton Kutcher (when he was a leetle bit younger)
    Justin Timberlake
    Jason Smith
    That dude from Avril Lavigne's video "Girlfriend"
    That other dude from Evanescence's video "Call Me when You're Sober"


    i v a n t a n said...

    wat about me ? XD

    Kateh said...

    yes ivan.. you're hot too..


    you're just not a celebrity, thats all! haha!

    Kimmy said...

    i visit your blog and i see lots of guy pictures... -.-"

    haha.. =P hm.. bored..

    felixvoon said...

    meaningless! meaningless!

    utterly meaningless!

    everything is meaningless!

    (ecclesiastes 1:2)

    hahaha. :P

    Kateh said...

    sheadap felix. i'm a girl. do the math. ><

    Philip Tan said... gonna do a woman's one :D hahahaha!

    Kimmy said...

    i love you, katie!! =D

    felixvoon said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    felixvoon said...

    well kate, you can't possibly say that king solomon was wrong when he said those timeless words.

    if you ponder about it retrospectively, those words bring about a lot of meaning despite its literal content. hahaha!

    Philip Tan said...

    omg u deleted my comment!

    SarahV. said...

    ehmahgawsh!!! where is drew fuller's name in this?? he has gawt to be theeeeeeee hottest guy in charmed ever!!! his lips are like... *ahem ahem* !!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    the guy from the ''call me when you're sober '' video ? his name is : WENTWORTH MILLER. prisoon breakkkkkk . :D