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    Thursday, May 24, 2007


    yay!! my exams are finally over. two weeks of studying. now i can enjoy two full weeks of holiday! haha.. i haven't been blogging because the wireless is down. this is using dial up.
    i've been doing so much of thinking these two weeks (other than exams) that i'm surprised my head hasn't exploded yet. first of all, the portrait. 'tis a popular subject these days within the walls of SIB KL and i am getting quite pissed actually. i'm very anger at kenny. i know that my cell leader and possibly other leaders are going to read this but i'm going to post it anyway. first of all, when we first started out the year, we had out first DnD meeting. which was like, at the beginning of the year.
    kenny told us that we would ALL be involved in the portrait, all of us meaning all the DnD people. well, look at us. 5 months later and we're not doing a thing. all the people involved in the portrait aren't in DnD. and, according to marcia, kenny told her that he wanted to do a choir and that maybe the people who auditioned but didn't get in could sing. she was so excited about it. thankfully she didn't really tell anyone else because then there would be alot of confusion and disappointment. well, more than there already is anyway. kenny, i know that you said all of this with the very best of intentions, but if you're not sure, please don't give us false hope. we all wanted to be really involved in this play. especially marcia, sammy and myself. now its too late, its already almost june.
    now i have to think about my ballet. its not that i don't love to dance anymore, but i don't know if i still love to dance my ballet. i really really wanna do other dances. and if i want to do other things, i will probably quit ballet because we can't quite afford me to be doing so many classes. but the thing is, i want to do performing arts, right? so i don't know if i have to finish my ballet in order to qualify to get into a performing arts school later on. i want to do stuff like jazz (which, by the way, people! kenny is teaching at my ballet centre starting june, so come join!), latin dancing and stuff like that. i love the latin stuff. its just so cool!!!!! ^^
    and if i continue with ballet, i have to lose weight you know. and by losing weight, we're talking a teeny waist from now till september, which gives me less than 4 months to drop at least 5kg. like 1kg a month. omg omg i can't give up my food!!!!! si impossible. i mean, i'm not saying that dropping that weight is bad for me but 1kg a month is pretty drastic. so i will have to much deep thinking about this.
    what else? there is more but i can't seem to remember it right now. well, i need to go take a shower. this heat is making me go nuts with uncomfort. ciaoz people!


    Felix said...

    you can still play a part in the musical by joining the PA team. :D any takers? hahaha!

    what's DnD? Do Not Disturb? lol! yeah, im guessing it probably means Drama n Dance.

    Anonymous said...

    dahling... ish not all that being in the musical k? u saw my veri veri ill state last night. rehearsals are NOT fun... its hard work... and a hell lotta commmitment. i'm just glad my mom understands.

    u also have NO idea how EMBARRASSING it is to have your face plastered across three storeys of the church, and everyone is expecting you to do soooo well for the musical. i carry the burden of being in it.

    you could always join another area of the musical. something not so demanding. we're all in this for God, Kate. not the so called "fame". if i could hide my face from everyone i would, but i don't wanna hide my face if it glorifies the Lord.

    and don't be pissed at Kenny. :D he's got toooo many things on his mind to handle. and as for Latin american dancing? i do that... its not as easy and fun as you think my dear. i have to dance in three inch heels! and to go to the next level u kinda gotta be pretty good. and u need a reli good teacher.

    but if u wanna take it up, u should join my class, my teacher is Yukiko Hori, apparently the best latin american dancer in malaysia or something of that sort. :D let me know!


    katiebaby* said...


    felix : maybe.. :P yes its dance n drama.

    sarah : thanks lots dear. i appreciate it. i don't like being famous but i love to perform yah know. fame doesn't mean much to me although acknowledgement would be nice. and btw i think you look awesome in the pictures. ivan looks photoshopped into them!! XD yes yes let me join! wait. is it expensive? let me know!

    thanks again. :)