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    Tuesday, April 03, 2007

    of rabbit and blonde jokes.

    tze quan's rabbit joke. (she made it more interesting by putting our names into it.)

    kate, debbie (woo) and nicole died and went to heaven together. at the gates of heaven, the guy with the book of life says,"you can do anything you want here, as long as you don't step on the blue rabbit!" so kate, debbie and nicole said,"uh, okay." so the gates were opened and when they went in they saw hundreds of different coloured rabbits - and blue ones! so they agreed not to step on the blue rabbits.

    they were walking along when suddenly, nicole disappeared! kate and debbie were running all over heaven looking for her when they heard the church bells ringing. "aiyak! we never went to check the church!" so they ran all the way to the church and saw nicole there - getting married to the ugliest man on the face of heaven! so we cried,"nicole! what happened?!" *here nicole started squealing* and as it turns out, she stepped on a blue rabbit.

    two years later, debbie and kate were bored so debbie suggested they go yum cha (i didn't know we could do that in heaven. o.o) and they called nicole. so we were walking along, going to go yumcha, when suddenly, kate disappeared! nicole and debbie ran all over heaven looking for kate again when they heard church bells ringing! so they ran to the church and saw kate getting married to the fattest guy on earth!!! *here, I started screaming* so they cried out,"kate! what happened to you?!?" kate turns around and said,"i stepped on a blue rabbit...." yay me.

    ANYWAY. so couple of years later, debbie got bored and decided to call nicole and kate to go out and yum cha. so walking along to go yum cha when debbie disappeared! nicole and kate, wisened up, and ran straight to the church. sure enough, there was debbie - getting married to the most handsomest, hottest guy on earth!! nicole and kate were like,"debbie! what happened?? this is not fair!!" the guy turns around and says,"i stepped on a blue rabbit..."


    blonde joke by anysa.

    two blondes go to the pet store to buy two cats. they went home and noticed something was wrong. one said to the other,"how are we going to tell them apart? they look the same!" so the other said,"i know!! i'll cut off my cat's ears so they'll look different!" so they cut off the cat's ears. that night, the cat with ears looked at the other and whined,"its not fair! i don't want my ears either!" so they chew his ears off.

    in the morning, the second blonde says,"crap! now what?" so the first blonde says,"i know! i'll cut off my cat's tails so they'll look different." so they do that. that night, the cat with a tail looks at the other and wails,"no fair! i don't want my tail eitherr!" so they chew off his tail.

    the next day, the first blonde squeals,"now what are we gonna do?! they look the same again!" so the second blonde says,"tell you what. i'll cut off my cat's paws so thy'll look different!" so they cut off the cat's paws *gruesome* that night, the *stupid* cat with its paws still intact says to the other,"oh cruel world! this isn't fair! i don't want mine either!" so they chew off his paws.

    the next morning, the second blonde says,"oh no! what do we do now?" so the first blonde says,"i know! you can take the black one and i'll take the white!!"

    poor cats are probably dead by then.


    Kimmy said...

    haha! nice jokes! the cats were kinda dumb too.. =P

    Philip said...

    waaaaaa insult my asset eh! come takaw!

    ~Vooniebaby~ said...


    katiebaby* said...

    watcha talking about eh philly? yi lyn! i love you. :) glad to have made you laugh sarah.

    ivan said...

    hahahha. i like the one on debbeh... it's so true [sorry debbie..] hahhaha...
    wat kesian the cat? it's not sickening enough... should torture the cat mur.. ;)

    debbeh woo! said...

    wats this bout i see/hear bout me eh?!? nonsense!

    anyways, its okay if im ugly cause I GET THE HOT GUY!ahahaha.

    you and nicole get ugly guys. :D

    im happy. :P see you tmrw!