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    Friday, April 27, 2007


    looks like miss alyana has changed her mind about her tattoo. not surprised! haha.. so now its a very pretty tattoo, its a whispery fairy girl. you can't see her face because she's kneeling with her back to you. alyana's planning purple hair and green tinged wings. the hair is a couple of wavy lines but i must say that its very interesting, sort of dark-fairytale kinda thing. nice. vair vair nice. :P

    anyway. today the new restaurant is open! hurrah! its really really and i went there after ballet class. so she met her old school friend there and his wife. she's pretty. lol. well, so they were rather loudly exchanging stories, but the whole place was noisy so it didn't make much of a difference. i was talking to megan. poor thing, she's got pn. gan as her english teacher. HAHAHAH.. anyway. uhm. right, so then my mom called me over to meet her friend. everything going nice and dandy, happy happy UNTIL. mom starts telling us a story about when this guy was her boss and she had just given birth to me and she couldn't breastfeed me properly because she was too tied up with work.


    oh well. thats what mom's are forrrrrrrrrr.. so here i am.. immortalizing my mother's famous words so i will remember not to talk about breastfeeding in front of my kid next time. if it does happen to slip out, i know i will most probably be painfully reminded when i see my mother in the future. gray and wrinkly, still feisty, going,"HAH! I thought you said you weren't going to say anything? hahahahah! *koff koff* eat your words! *wheeeeze*"

    she is laughing at me behind now. i have only one thing to say!

    XP *thhhhhhpppppptthhhhhh*

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