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    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    shades of green

    i saw the cutest pair of wedges today. it looked gorgeous. pastel green. with a small bow, not those huge ones that look incredibly tacky.

    why didn't i buy them?

    1. they were SO HIGH. if i wore them to church i'd be towering over everybody, especially phil. XD sorry phil.. its the grim truth. i love you anyway! good if i go overseas, but thats not very likely to happen soon now is it?
    2. they didn't quite fit right when i actually put them both on. the side sort of stuck out all funny.
    3. i don't think i'd get to wear them all that much.
    4. if i tripped, i'd die.

    yeah. so thats why i didn't buy them. but i want wedges. unfortunately, i think they're kind of out of style nowadays. i don't know but there wasn't much choice in vincci. hmm. i shall have to go... SHOE SHOPPING!!!!!!! anyone interested? :P

    i wanna go and play pool for cell outing! its so cool okayyyy... hahaha.. maybe its just me wanting to brush up on my pool playing skills seeing how i've only gone to play, like, once. with ming yue and khai weng and sammie and nicle and mel. and khai's friend michael. and it turns out, I ROCK! exceot for the time i got this really easy shot and totally flopped it. i poked the white ball too hard i think. whatever it is i did, the white ball jumped OVER the 8 ball. the guys were all slapping their heads with their palms and groaning. *cringe!*hahaha.. it was pretty funny though. i mean. i'm pretty sure thats never happened to any of you guys before. who here can claim that they shot the white ball clear OVER the eight ball huh? XD

    alyana and i discussed what kind of tattoo she's gonna get this weekend. we came up with all sorts of really cool stuff, like the rolling stones' classic tongue-sticking-out-of-a-pair-of-red-lips and a pink bomb which she got from a fallout boy *gr!* t shirt that she got. and now she's narrowed it down to three. a cross with a four leaf clover in the middle, very gothic-ish, the clover's leaves unfurling delicately from the middle. a blue shooting star, very sweet. and a.. i can't remember the last one actually. hmm. never mind that last one. i think she wants the cross with the clover. i like it loads too. she was colouring it today, showing me what shades of green she wanted and the cross was to be in shades of black and grey. tres nice. :)

    when i'm working i'm gonna get me a cupcake tattoo! how cute would that be. nigella lawson, eat your heart out. then when i'm good and married, a symbolic tattoo. hearts intertwined, maybe? i have lots of time to think. haha! so cool. alyana, you're so going to be screaming when you feel that needle piercing you under your skin. so when i hear a high pitched scream piercing into the air, i'll look up and say,"oh! there's alyana." XD

    i love graffiti. its so PSYCHEDELIC BABY!

    verse of the day : ecclesiastes 7:8-9
    "the end of a matter is better than the beginning and patience is better than pride. do not be quickly provoked in your spirit for anger resides in the lap of fools."



    Philip said...

    i see my name

    katiebaby* said...

    oh philip. you're name is always in my blog.

    Philip said...

    so that concludes that u adore me...or rather adore my name...=p