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    Friday, April 06, 2007

    ice cream soup

    heat heat heat has turned my ice cream into soup.

    no. i'm serious. its soup.

    its not even semi solid. its just soup.

    our refridgerator won't close properly, which means the cold air seeps out. turning my ice cream into mush. mush. absolute mush.

    ANYWAY. tomorrow's the thingy. i'd love to go but i can't. :( oh well. happens, right? have fun there, sammy, lynny, marcia and mel mel!!

    ish! i haven't uploaded the pics from isaac's b'day yet. it was so awesome! seriously. and mitchell sucked up helium which made his voice go all funny and i got the whole video! next time then.

    back to my ice cream soup then. :)


    NiCK said...

    hey... i'm sorry you couldn't go.. >.<

    Anonymous said...

    Reminds me.... I just had ice-cream.... solid....

    katiebaby* said...

    whatever christon!


    Kimmy said...

    i love you too, kate! =D enjoy your ice-cream... soup.. =P haha!!

    ~Vooniebaby~ said...

    heyyy... don't feel bad... i couldn't go either! i had rehearsals which were cancelled last minute, besides, i was a bit busy with ickyVicky and our crazy cam-whoring session. oh and my top-of-my-lungs singing in the piano room. XD