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    Friday, April 20, 2007

    why mika is gay and the gc concert.

    this is written with permission from my mother.

    me : oh look! (points at article about mika) mika is lebanese. i didn't know that.
    mom : no wonder he's gay.
    me : O.O


    anyway. moving on. tomorrow is sports day in my school. pfft, as if i'm going. and i ALMOST got to go and see good charlotte but i can't. the story :

    my brother got free tickets from digi to go and see good charlotte. FREE VIP TICKETS. so he said he would take me but then he remembered he has a dinner that night to go to, so he can't. so there i was, trying to find a guy to go with me (come to think of it, i should have asked felix. hm.) but no go. then, at 10something at night, ivan said he'd go with me. *jumps for joy* but 12am in the morning he smses and says his mom wouldn't let him go because he's not supposed to go out with a girl alone. ivan's mom, auntie, with all due respect, i'm not trying to date your son or anything!!!!!!!!! anyway. yes. so in the morning i told scott, never mind, if you can find someone else to sell the tix to, sell lah. IN THE AFTERNOON I GOT BEN TO GO WITH ME. but guess what? too late. scott sold them already.


    sigh. moral of the story : mm.. can't think of one, feeling kinda DUMB. haha.. well, i guess its okay.. the concert starts at like, 7.30pm. so if i wanted to go, i'd have to leave the baptism at, what, 4.30pm? and the baptism only starts at 3.30pm. i think i'd rather be with my friends and have a good time at the baptism than be at the concert with people i don't know (because ben is getting baptised) and have a lousy time. so yes. thats my drama this week. :)

    hmm. tim has taken to thinking he's gabriel sylar. hilarious, no? don't blow my brains out tim, noo! :P

    bye ya'll! and to those who are getting baptised tomorrow, congratulations!! God is truly pleased with His sons and daughters. :)

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