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    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    wowee! seems like everything is going well for me all of a sudden. remember i was moaning and groaning about everything? lookie here! 5 minutes ago i was asked to dance for church dedication with yi lyn, i'm getting a bikini from the U.S. from my auntie, and guess what, me best friend is talking to me again! well, okay so the last one is no biggie but for me it is! :p

    and yay! PMR is over and now my PMR friends are free! lol, now i hv to wait for SPM to finish before i can rejoice for my bro. he and his friends (eg. khye shin, joshua) are gonna be having a cookout at the end of the year. samantha and i were just messing around with the idea of a halloween party the other day. i think it'll be cool but i don't think it'll happen. owh well, we can dream can't we? lol! and i don't have to go to school today on account of the haze!!!!!! yay me!

    there is one more thing i would like to be able to fix now though. i have this friend of mine who i was close to but now we have grown apart because of unmentionablesss... anyway, i just hope i'll be able to become her friend again and be genuine to her. hopefully. i will try!! :p and, girl, you know who you are.

    gotta go!

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