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    Tuesday, October 10, 2006

    egg heads

    DARYL IS BALD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha.... omg i can't wait to see it when we go to kk! it'll be hilarious... we hv a few egg heads in church too.. of course the infamous CHRIS N SAMUEL WEE! hahahaha.. but now chris says tht he has a pimple on his head.. may gan checked it and guess wat?!?! there was hair growing out of it!!!! gross!! hahah... well i thought it was pretty gross and pretty cool at the same time.

    owh, and nicole's swelled up toe is swollen no more! how did it get swollen? well, all those who read this blog would know, but i'm gonna write it down anyway! :D well, timothy was at nicole's house(this is his side of the story) and he took a kickapoo out of the fridge in her upstairs tv room. and then (according to tim) nicole, out of all greediness(according to tim!) tried to grab the kickapoo can from timothy and it slipped out of their hands and guess what? landed on her toe! *oooops* to this day i still wonder who's fault it was.. hm.. we may never know! :P anyway so now her toenail is no longer attached to her nail bed.. it looks kinda cool actually.. *erk*

    hahah.. okay i gotta go.. byee! owh and here's something the shakespeare from hallmark said : "the eyes are the window to the soul.. but sometimes we all need good window cleaners!" i agree!

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