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    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    loose lips sink ships

    so many things seem to have happened even over the weekend! in a span of two days so many things can spring up and get crushed. haha.. well.. right now i'm watching desperate house wives cause there's nothing much to watch.. last saturday was really good.. cell with may gan is really fun cause we talk alot.. eeee my mummy is trying to tickle meeee!! nuuu.... ;p anyway as i was saying.. don't you just love talking i love talking talking is so fun don't you think i could just talk all day long and yes right now i'm going high.. haha.. ooh guess what?! i'm in the SIB calender! okay so its a crappy picture tht was from what, two three years ago in kidzone and well, there's one big group of us, like nicole is there, tze quan, koko andy and all.. but still, i'm in the calender! yay meee... then there's this big pic of ivan there haha.. so yeah we're all famous.. except philly n sammie aren't there.. =( owh welll... hopefully nxt year they might... lol!

    omg i never quite realised tht desperate housewives was sooo dramatic! *tsk tsk* hahaha.. well yesterday my brother put on one tree hill on dvd and there was this episode tht was based on the columbine shooting. predictable but it was good. it started with this kid who was one of the 'fat asses' of the school and u know how the 'fat asses' of the schools or even those considered to be of 'lower class' in comparison to the jocks , cheerleaders, yadayada u guys know the story, well, u guys know how they get bullied and pushed around right? yeah, so this one guy cracks one day and he brings a gun to school. so he walks into the school like any other day to find these losers (jocks) crapping up his locker and throwing everything out and messing it up (so immature!) and he just gets mad so he takes his gun out and tries to shoot but everyine ducks and he shoots glass. only a few students see him and he himself hides out with some other students, students who were supposed to be his friends last time. so they don't know he's got the gun until nathan comes to save haley, who is stuck with them. then this kid panics and locks the door and brings out his gun. then comes a whole series of self confessions. and i only saw up to there so i dunno what happened. but there's something the kid said tht got me. he said : "tell me when was the last time you ignored someone who wasn't up to your standard? when was the last time you bullied someone without bothering to find out about him? or did u even care? you think about tht and then u tell me if there's anyone else out there?"

    tht really got me thinking and i guess tht, hey, we've all done tht right? so i was thinking, hey, why don't we try to get to know these people properly? you never know, you might actually find tht these ppl are really worth while. they may not be all that, but they are real. not like those fakers out there who just wanna be popular. thts not real. this is the real world. so yeah.

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