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    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    treasures in my heart

    hey unfaithful i will teach you to be stronger to be strong
    hey ungraceful i will teach you to forgive one another
    hey unloving i will love you i will love you

    these words gave me a glimmer of hope when i was feeling really down a couple of days ago. this song is by underoath (the name of the song escapes me) and i was so encouraged by it i just cried and cried and tears just ran down my face freely as i thought, God is this really possible that you could teach me these things? and there was this amazing dawning that came down on me that yeah, this really could happen. for the past few weeks i'd been feeling empty and there was just nothing in me anymore. like, poof! eveything gone.

    i guess that i had been emotionally drained over quite a few things and the fact that i failed my history (damn!) was the last straw. after that i just stopped feeling anymore, i ws so tired of it. but i'm glad that that song brought me back to where i am now and who i will be soon.

    well, now, dbd is coming soon! and its going to kk too! although, i may not be going. if there's not enough money, then i'll have to pay for my own plane ticket and sleep in the apartment lounge of pastor kay and michelle proctor. don't be scared ppl, this isn't some sort of military camp. hahah.. but then, honestly, i'm kinda scared of sleeping alone, especially in the lounge. yeah, i have this thing about sleeping and even being alone. its freeeeaaakay... in the words of sammiee.. lol..

    i guess it'll be okay right? haha.. after all, i've got God! yay meee... haah.. well, it started a couple of years ago when i watched this horror movie and i wasn't able to sleep for ages and ages. even now sometimes i can't sleep. i don't know why.. kinda silly, huh? lol.. nvm, i'm getting over it already.. probably it'll take what, two more years? hahaha.. oops okay i gtg! owh yah, there's this line from bring it on tht i like.. its by these black girls who r seriously hot so it has their names in it.. i thought it was catchy though.. lol..

    my name is letti (yeah)
    i like to party (yeh)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    the boys say 'aye mami!

    my name's camille (yeah)
    give you three wishes (yeah)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    i'm delicious

    my name's kareesha (yeah)
    (i forgot this part) (yeah)
    when i shake it (yeah)
    its like an earthquake

    hot right? hahah.. byee!

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