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    Monday, October 02, 2006

    dreams and fantasies

    lol! don't we all have dreams and fantasies? mine are :

    1. go to a chocolate factory and sample EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
    2. wear the shoes Christina Aguilera wore in her video 'Ain't No Other Man'
    3. design and sew my own clothes
    3. buy a house and get a personal maid for my parents
    4. meet Jamie Oliver and have him cook for me (yay!)
    5. take my mum to meet Oprah Winfrey
    6. have the guy who i love sing me Jesse McCartney's 'Beautiful Soul'
    7. play with the children of Africa
    8. bring a smile to someone in an orpahanage/old folk's home/ hospital/shelter
    9. name one of my kids Keisha and another after my best friend
    10. go to America with my auntie n uncle and bring Nicole with me
    11. buy a lifetime supply of lollipops for Timothy
    12. learn to play drums
    13. get Yi Lyn a whole lot of butterfly stuff
    14. force Ivan(Tan) to pierce his ear!!(just for kicks)
    15. go to Sabah n Sarawak

    i've got so many but i guess this is all for the moment. like nicole says, sky is the limit baby!


    sammy`. said...

    i'm not in the list of 10!=(

    Kateh said...

    oooooops sorry sammy! i know i know i'll take u to wear Christina a.'s shoes!!!

    sammy`. said...

    lolx... take me to meet Christina!!!! better than the shoes=P

    Kateh said...

    thats a bit much... :p

    Philip Tan said...