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    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    letter to God

    Dear God,

    hi there! how is heaven like? i wish i could know now so tht i would have a good picture of it. but i guess i'll have to make do with words from the Bible and images in my head for now. i wonder how You make space in Your head to think of every single person on earth. i mean, how?!?! i guess its something tht the human mind is unable to comprehend. but i do wonder abt it alot. i mean, wow. You must have a really really big head to be able to remember all of us. i know You've got a really big heart too!

    what do You think about all the stuff that's going on in church? in my church anyway. i know there are so many churches but what do you think of all the issues going on in my church? the hatred, the mutual disagreements and the walls between ppl. are You sad? i am. sometimes i think tht nothing will get better but then You always reassure me tht it will. i sure hope it will. i trust You. :) i guess that i will just have to cling on to the simple faith tht i have in You. sometimes thats all tht keeps me going.

    God, remember when i had bad days and i felt like i wanted to go and die? i'm sure You remember. but i gotta say, thank You for knocking me on the head and making me come to my senses. :) i've got to go and sleep now God. good night. i hope You rest too.

    I love You.

    love, kate

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    sammy`. said...

    I love God too(: