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    Wednesday, September 09, 2009


    Okiee dokey. Trials end in.. 8 days, including the weekend.
    Then I get to meet..
    Trevor the toad.

    He's not really a toad.

    There was one in my kitchen this morning. BIG one. o.o

    OMGOMG. I found a super gorgeous pair of heels in Vincci today. But when I tried them on..
    They looked too old. T.T Then another one didn't have my size, and the straps didn't fit round my fat ankles. D; And yet another was not approved of by my mother (although that pair looks like all the shoes I draw.. Agh!)

    So yeah. The search for a new pair of heels.. Continues!!!!!!
    I'm tired of wedges maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

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