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    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Someone Like Yoouuu Ohoh Ohohohhh.

    So yes, I'm home on Sunday night coz Scott's phone got stolen so he couldn't contact the Toad for tonight, but we're probably going tomorrow. XD
    We're making mooncake tomorrow! :D That's gonna be yummy, especially the dough cookies we make with what's leftover. Yummyyy. <3

    I didn't go for the recording thing at church. Apparently we were supposed to be there ten minutes early and I didn't know, and by 4.55pm we still hadn't left yet. XD So mom was like, aiyah go tomorrow lah. Except I don't even know if I'll go tomorrow. Too lazy. ;p

    Let's see.. What should I do this week?

    1. Study. Duh.
    2. Maybe I'll try planning a photo thing with Nessa. Since our previous ones failed. ):
    3. Find more music.
    4. Exercise loads.
    5. Study somemore.


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