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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009


    "So one day he found her crying
    Coiled up on the dirty ground
    Her prince finally came to save her
    And the rest you can figure out
    But it was a trick
    And the clock struck twelve
    Well make sure to build your heart brick by boring brick
    Or the wolf's gonna blow it down." - Paramore, Brick By Boring Brick.

    Just came back from watching The Ugly Truth with Nessa and Nikkil (I know I'm supposed to watch with Zi Lynn and Debs and Mishi, but they got to me first D;). It's an okay show. Pretty funny. Lots of toilet humour. Slightly crude. I was distracted with holding my hand over Sara's eyes alot of the time, and closing her ears. XD

    Probably headed to Nessa's tomorrow just for fun. I don't want to be at home by myself with the PMS-ing dinosaur since Mom's at work. D<

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