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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009

    Dolphin Massacre.

    This is the sickest thing ever.

    This is in Taiji, Japan. What they do is, they drive entire pods of dolphins into a specific cove and then, they massacre them. They completely massacre them. The water is red with the blood of THOUSANDS of dolphins - and this is done annually.

    Earlier I went to check out the trailers and response videos on Youtube, and you will not believe how ignorant some people are, it's ridiculous. Some people say, "We do the same thing to cows and other animals we eat!!" Yeah, but we breed them specifically for eating. Who breeds the dolphins for eating? NO ONE. Duh. It's not the same, even if you say this argument is weak.
    Some people even say, "So?" Wow, I cannot fathom such ignorance. People like these don't even deserve to be human, if you ask me. Is it not our responsibility to take care of everything in the Earth? Whether or not you believe in God, it's obvious we're supposed to make sure everything is safe.

    The people of Taiji claim that its their tradition and they must cling to their old ways, but honestly, that's such a weak stand. Maybe a thousand years ago, your ancestors were forced to kill dolphins for food because food then was difficult to come by, but now? In this present day and age, there is no need for such a HUGE scale of murder!

    I'll put a link to the site where you can get more info and learn more about this. Seriously, I think we need to work to stop this. I know how small you think your contribution would be, what's one signature going to do, what's one more letter to the President of the United States going to do but bother him? Do it anyway. If you give a damn about these animals.

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