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    Saturday, August 29, 2009



    Tomorrow is Merdeka Day.
    Day after that trials start.
    Soon it shall be SPM.
    And then we will be free.

    But first, we must think about SPM.
    And study.
    And study.
    And study.

    God, I'm so tired of studying. Not that I do too much of it. But still. I don't know how to sit with my Sejarah book open in front of me for hours at a time. I fall asleep, or end up dodling and daydreaming.

    But yeah, I guess I'll do okay for trials. Maybe not for Ekons though. I hardly touched my Ekons book. I know.

    Ooh, but I came up with two new drawings. :D I've been practising drawing profiles at an angle and I think I just managed to get one angle, which is AWESOME, but also means that I've been sleeping at 1.30am for the past two nights. XD

    Yesterday I went to Tanjung Malim to play games with the Orang Asli, church event thingy. It was quite fun! There were these really cheeky boys there, teasing and stuff. ;p Male attention is fun sometimes, especially when you don't get alot of it when you're back at home. Pfft.
    Anyway. OMG, I watched Up the other day and it's fantastic. Honest. You have to watch it. It's so beautiful, especially at the beginning, I almost choked myself into tears when Mrs. Frederickson died. T.T
    Here's a list of music videos you have to watch okay. It's a small list.

    1. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing. You've read what I think of it on my Twitter. It's epic.
    2. Mika - We Are Golden. Welcome back, Mika!! This video is so much fun. Reminds me of what I do sometimes when I'm in my room with the music at full blast. Minus the glitter and masks though. XD
    3. Owl City - Fireflies. I'm on an Owl City roll here. He's just got the cutest music. <3
    4. All Time Low - Weightless. All the words that pop up around the people? Too cute. Funny too. XD
    5. Death Cab For Cutie - Little Bribes. OMG, priceless video. It's so gorgeously done, it's amazing. <3

    And here's a list of music videos you should never ever watch.

    1. Brokencyde - Booty Call. In fact, just don't ever watch any of their videos, or listen to any of their music. Crunkcore? Joke much.
    2. Millionares - Alcohol. These wannabes just.. Suck. Stay away from them. They made my ears bleed.

    Okay, it's only two because they're all I can think of right now. XD

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