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    Sunday, August 16, 2009

    Part 2!

    Lol! Okay, where was I?
    Performances! ;p

    Okay. First up was Estranged. They didn't sing "Itu Kamu"!! ): I was hoping they would. But anyway, they were GOOD live, and Din was superbly SEXY behind those drums onstage. Wooh!!! 8D Din's the drummer, by the way. Even Nes thought he was hot. XD LOL SPEAK OF THE DEVILS, they're on TV right now! XD They only sang three songs, but it was all good.

    After Estranged was Boys Like Girls. I was actually kind of expecting them to not sound so good live, but they were actually pretty good! Hahaaa. They kicked it off with Lovedrunk (Holy crappers, it's playing on TV right now. What is this?!). I can't remember in what else they played, but they played The Great Escape and Thunder. (: Oh, there was this guy in front of me who hoisted his girlfriend up on his shoulders and her ASS was right in my face. GEEZ! I was so pissed of, already I can't see the band performing, now I have to watch this girl's ass?! Nes and I were yelling, "Put her down! Her ass is in my face, for fuck's sake!" Finally he put her down. Damn, her ass was big. D<

    I think there was an interval between Boys Like Girls and Raygun. They Played games with the crowd and threw t shirts. The DJ's that is. EXCPET THAT NONE OF THE T SHIRTS EVER REACHED US LAH. They only threw to the mosh pit, pretty much. If you ask me, the whole damn place was like a giant mosh pit. XD I wanted a t shirt, but oh well. ;.;

    Then Raygun came on and they were surprisingly REALLY good!! I had no clue who they were before World Stage, but I liked what I heard. ;p

    I think it was about this time when we had to wait quite a while before Pixie Lott. It was madness, waiting in that crowd. I sweat BUCKETS in there okay. I could feel sweat running down my legs, and I was wearing shorts. @.@ We actually made a few friend in the crowd!! Hahaaa. There was this one guy, who was SERIOUSLY cute though. OMG! I thought he was adorable. Anyway, he wasn't singing along or anything, so Nes and I decided to strike up a convo with him. Turns out he was forced to go for World Stage because of his sister! Poor fella. His name was either Gamien or Damien. I heard Gamien. Nes heard Damien. Anyway, he was adorable. I was complaining that I couldn't see the bloody stage, and he bent down to my level and was like, "Hmm, it's really different down here." I said, "What! Get back up there and tell me what's happening!!" XD Naughty guy. I found out he was studying in Shanghai in an international school (I could tell from his accent) and that he was here for the summer. Nes and I met his sister, but I never got her name. We took a pic together, and she took a pic of her brother and me. BUT NOW I'LL NEVER FIND THAT PICTURE BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HER NAME. T.T But, she has my number. WEIRD, I know. They were going out of the crowd to wait for AAR. I think she asked for my number because she wanted to call me when AAR started, but she never called. So now she's walking around with my number. o.o I hope she gives it to her brother and that he contacts me. >D

    Anyway, after Raygun was Pixie Lott. She was pretty good too! She sang a couple of new songs that I had never heard. Weren't as catchy as Mama Do, but she's a pretty good singer. I think she actually wore a long white dress onstage. She really covered up! Hahaa. Mama Do was the last song, everyone went crazy. ;p These Malay guys behind were screaming how hot she was. LOL.

    Pixie Lott.. Then Hoobastank! Oh man, the crowd went insane. We got pushed really far back by all these Malay dudes. I had a load of fun headbanging, and right at the end of their set, they started playing the theme song for Ghostbusters! That was AWESOME. XD You could hear the whole crowd going, "Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!"

    They made us wait quite a while before the much awaited All American Rejects.

    We made another two friends, Aice and Nick! They were really nice. I have Aice's number now, so does Nes. <3

    THEN FINALLY THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS CAME ON AND IT WAS AWESOME! OMG. They opened with.. Ohmigod, what did they open with again? OMG I DON'T REMEMBER. Whatever. They played Swing Swing, I Wanna, It Ends Tonight, Real World and one more. OH YES, THEY OPENED WITH DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS!!!! Oh man, I went insane. I think Rebecca got scared of me. You should have seen me headbanging and jumping and screaming and singing along. ;p Oh yeah, they also played Gives You Hell. Gawd. I wish I could relive that concert. <33 Everyone said Tyson looked like an anorexic drug addict covered in glitter. He did. But it was soooooo hot. <3

    By this time, my back was giving out on me and we thought of going out of the crowd but then we saw the amount of people who were leaving before Kasabian, and we were like, poor Kasabian!! So we stayed on waiting for them. My back was really killing me, and I couldn't twist properly to crack it. ;.; FINALLY, they came on and their first song was really catchy! But after that it went downhill, so we left at long last and went to the mamak opposite Sunway to eat. ;p

    Wooh! Okay, I guess I'm done for now.

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