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    Monday, August 03, 2009

    Curves In All Right Places. <3

    First off, happy belated birthday Mal!! Love yah babe. (:

    Pretty eventful weekend.

    Saturday morning, had to go for the Bible Knowledge National Quiz, and I saw EVERYBODY there. It was so weird. Aaron, Leonard, Charissa, Wesley, Ann, Hannah, etc. Gosh. o.o
    Kathleen and I got through the second round!! Not bad ehhh. ;p After that, we mati lah, but oh well. (:

    Got home around 12pm, changed and went to get Inessa to go to One Utama for the Indie Youth Fest. It wasn't too bad, though I still don't know why they didn't really publicize the event. ): Scott's set was pretty good!! The sound system was a little bit crappy, but otherwise good. His crowd was alot bigger than some of the others. Inessa and I went down to check if anyone good was playing and there was NOBODY there, except the crew. XD
    We met up with Mayu, who was stuck for four hours in a jam, poor darling. We caught An Honest Mistake, and I got my purple t shirt!! <3 I'll put a photo of it up soon. Pretty funny, coz initially I was wearing black skinny jeans, and a black singlet. Scott wore black skinny jeans and a black t shirt for his set. Then we both changed our tops.. And came out looking the same!! Now THAT was an honest mistake. Darren came and was like, HEY, twins!!! XD

    Then we went walking about while waiting for a certain BASTARD to come, who totally DITCHED us. ASSHOLE. Anyway, we had Haagen Dasz, which was teenytiny but yummy (:
    Oh, before that we went to find my brother, who was in Chilli's and his gang were trying to break the record of Most Baskets Of Chips In One Sitting.
    They managed 9, the record was 7. XDD
    Congrats? LOL.

    Anyway, we went down for dinner at Fish and Co., which was nice. (: Then we went to check if Army Of Three were playing yet. There was this weird band called The Marionexxes playing. They were.. really weird. Then another band went up, I didn't catch their name but they were so damn boring it wasn't funny. @.@ They played the kind of music stoned people listen to.
    Then FINALLY Army Of Three went up, but because of the stupid stoner band before them, they only managed two songs. Oh well.

    We took Mayu and James to Midvalley after that and bullied James to no end in the car. XD

    Blah. Yesterday evening, I sat down to make a study schedule and when I finished, I felt like crying. It's so close. GAWD.

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