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    Thursday, January 01, 2009


    How did I spend New Year's Eve?
    Shopping, then in church. That was LOADS of fun, lol.

    How did I spend New Year's Day?
    Asleep, with a throbbing headache.

    I don't know WHY. It's been here all day, like this big fat animal sitting on top of my head. I can feel its heartbeat pulsing against my skull. It's a big fat animal.
    It hurts.

    I've been sleeping all day long. Morning, got up feeling awful, had to vaccuum the house coz there were guests coming over. Took a bath, went back to sleep.
    Missed lunch.
    Woke up, went to the living room onto the couch and slept somemore. Woke up when the guests left. Dragged myself back to the room and slept again.
    I ate a little bit of mushroom soup. But I didn' manage to finish it. Felt nauseous, thank God I didn't throw up.
    Woke up at 7-something, nearly 8. Missed dinner, so I had my own dinner of Hazelnut and Chocolate spread on McVities' and the rest of my mushroom soup.
    I felt much much better. But the big fat animal is back. I'll probably turn in early today.

    So that I can go to Robinson's tomorrow and buy that dress Mom and I saw.

    Yi Lyn's back!! ^^
    Too lazy to put in colour.
    There's alot of phlegm coming out of me. Ew.
    I feel heaty.

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