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    Saturday, January 24, 2009


    My mom has some kind of problem with dates. Ever since our church happily established without actually checking with us youths first that Dating is only allowed when we're 18.
    Quite honestly, I think that's a little bit dumb.
    First off, how would someone from the outside know that you're matured enough to date? You could be 18 and still not be ready. You could be 20 and still be immature. You could be 50 and still not be "old" enough to date. I mean, please.
    Secondly, setting an age limit for youths just make us want to rebel more. DUHHHHHH HAVEN'T YOU PEOPLE LEARNED BY NOW?! Gosh.

    I personally don't see anything wrong with dating. Like I said before, dating doesn't necessarily mean that you're boyfriend/girlfriend, going to be all kissy kissy touchy touchy huggy huggy. A date could be just something you go on to get to know the other person better before deciding to embark on something a little more serious. It could work out, it might not, but how would we know unless we tried?
    Okay, in Christian-minded Godly thinking, I think we should think like Pastor Sam. There is no such age limit. Dating is fine. Having a significant other is fine. As long as you've got your life on the right track, and you're right before God, then hey! For all you know, it could be God's plan right? Let's say you're 17 and the most perfect guy comes along, and you're totally right with God and everything, but you say, Oh, I can't date till I'm 18 coz the church says so, and then this guy gets tired of waiting for you because, well, I wouldn't be surprised, I'd get tired too, and then he decides that maybe he should go and try his luck somewhere else. Then you would have COMPLETELY missed out on God's plan! God would be sitting up there, knuckling his forehead and saying, "Aiyoooooooooooooooooooooooo!"


    In the non-Christian not-so-Godly thinking, I say HEY GO RIGHT AHEAD BABY. Date all you want, because, well, its scientifically proven that people, not just teens, date in order to find the right partner. It makes sense right?! And plus, I wouldn't want to be forty and have my kid arguing with me about dating. Then it'll come to a part where she'll say, "How would you know, Mom, you were such a matron! You didn't date till you were 18 coz the CHURCH told you not to!"

    What about your heart?

    Maybe this seems like such a shallow topic, but I don't think it is, especially among church-goers. Seriously, think about it.


    Sammy`. <3 said...

    I SO FREAKING AGREE. The Church thinks its some freaking crime to date below the age of 18. YOU are turning 17 this year!! REMIND your mother that. AUNTY CHRIS! Kate's turning SEVENTEEN. like the magazine. no she's not turning into the magazine. A year and a few months isn't really going to change anything. Probably only change the fact that the guy may NOT BE THERE anymore. lol. She's finally gotten to go on a date after God knows how long... okay i'll cut it.

    bottom line is, i think that rule's dumb. DUMB DUMB DUMB. which is why i'm ranting cause i hate that rule. and i love youu. =P

    this is that buffalo power =P. standing up for your friends.
    yay ^^.

    Abuela said...

    Atleast the church says 18. In temple, it's more like, *strong indian accent*"NO DATING TILL AFTER YOU'RE MARRIED!!!!" :p

    felixvoon said...

    Dating sounds so formal, like you're gonna go into courtship. Hehe. In your case, sounds like it's more of a "hangout" instead of a "date." I've heard of the so-called dating rule in church, and to be honest, I would think our parents' views on when/what/how/where to date could be more important.

    Try discussing with your mom on why she disagrees with your hangout plan, and also try finding out alternative hangout plans to which the both of you can agree to.
    I'm sure something good can be worked out. :)

    debbeh woo! said...

    haha..not this AGAIN!no matter how much i tell this to all of you, it won't make much of a diff right?

    well, all i can say is, if you want to know the guy, you can always go out in a group of friends.easy as that AND you have no idea how dangerous it can be to go on a date with a guy you don't really know..i have friends who have had really bad experiences. and this is rape kind of experiences mind you.

    so yeah..listen to your mom :)

    katiebaby* said...

    i'd say, if we went out with a guy we don't really know, wouldn't that be rather idiotic of us? i mean, seriously, most of us are pretty smart girls, AND we know how to take care of ourselves. i mean, sure there's always the possibility of something bad occurring, but if we went out with a guy we KNOW and have known for a while, shouldn't that be okay? going out with this person one on one would just be going deeper into a relationship, and it doesn't necessarily mean an intimate one.
    yes, sadly, there are girls out there who don't know a thing about self protection and self respect and such. but doesn't the church trust themselves enough to know that what they have taught us will stand with us forever, in whatever decision we make?
    okay okay. i'm just ranting, i'll stop now.

    p.s. sam, lol, this isn't about him. XD

    disfunctional.hiatus said...

    Hm. The rule is to not allow underage pregnancy? I don't know. Personally, I think it's okay to date, it's note okay to mate when you don't have enough money to but a cup of rice. O.o; Get filthy rich, and THEN get laid. : D

    Or.. mate.

    AGH! I'm sooo rhyme-ish today ! c.c;