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    Thursday, October 02, 2008

    "Right back what is wrong, we move along." - All American Rejects, Move Along

    okay!! i HAVE to tell SOMEONE.
    i decided that i need to get healthy. so after mama mia at mal's house earlier today (which was HILARIOUS, btw!), i went walking with my dad. no joke, people.
    I WENT WALKING! -power face-
    anyway. we were almost home and passing this house. as we were approaching it, there were two guys there with their backs turned to us.
    obviously, i got curious.
    i wasn't sure if they were teens or adults, because i do this often : i mistake young for old and old for young, and often its the latter. and more often than not, the seemingly "hot young" guy i see turns around and transforms into this ugly old dude. -shudder-
    so i was being rather cautious at this moment.

    then they turned around.

    they were HOT people. TWO, not one, but TWO HOT guys. one was half mat salleh. i didn't quite get a good look at the other guy. but yeah.

    which ultimately means :

    I LIVE NEAR HOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay. so i'm not entirely sure if they actually LIVE there. maybe they were visiting a friend. maybe only one of them lives there.
    whatever it is, i sure as hell hope they come visit again. >:3

    mua ha ha. okay. moving on.
    i can't go out with marcia and the rest tmrw. ;.; because if i do, i have to bring sara with me.
    and i don't particularly want to do that.

    not because i don't love her or anything. its just that if i DO bring her, she's going sit there bored out of her mind and making long faces and asking me if "we're going home yet?". and i'll feel guilty for not including her in conversations, and when i DO try including her, she's going to be NOT interested and its going to be hard to talk to her because she won't understand alot of the things we talk about.

    most of all, i guess its.. i just don't want to take her.
    so yeah. i'll be staying home like a good big sis.
    which is probably a good thing, because i have to finish miss val's work. @.@ god.
    hopefully, i'll be able to go swimming at sammie's after. :D i don't know though. mom's got work. :/

    anyhoo! i'mma go and.. i dunno. toddle round the net for a while and then go to sleep.


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