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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008


    alrighty folks, i figured the reason to my unforeseen angst and venting and emo-ness. as lame as an excuse this is, its pretty much one of the only ones a can come up with. here goes :

    its DEFINITELY hormonal. not PMS, but.. DMS. dang.

    i hate my body sometimes. it makes me do / think things that aren't good for me. but anyway. to nes : i'm sorry. i don't mean to sound insensitive and i don't mean to sound selfish.
    thats not how i roll yo. XDD
    but yeah. i honestly didn't. i guess i was feeling abit sorry for myself at that point in time. even i don't know why, but i guess a girl can't be happy all the time right? O: if i was, you'd probably be reaally freaked out now. XD
    anyway, yeah.

    yes, i know its inevitable (phwoar like that Anberlin song 8D). and i suppose i was feeling so self.. pitiable? that i didn't stop to think how you guys felt. though i'm pretty dang sure that isaac's hell happy to be leaving. XD
    i dunno. it was so spur of the moment. i didn't really think, it was just a I-HAVE-TO-FREAKING-VENT and vent i did.
    i knw. i don't make so smart decisions sometimes.
    okay, most of the time.
    NO not all the time!!

    sorry about tht. clyde's a bully, HEAR THAT FATTY!

    got brick'd.

    anyway yes. just to clear the air, no i'm NOT mad at anyone (i never get mad for long anyway. @.@) and no i'm NOT emo anymore.
    till the next time!! :P
    P.S. i'm still going to be bored this week. who's gonna take me out?!

    1 comment:

    iNezz0r! said...

    Ah, don't worry about it.
    Hormones will be hormones.

    I'm sorry if I came across as harsh in my earlier comment.
    But I guess you know how I am with these sort of situations, right?
    (Yes, I am the assholefriend {whose usually more than right})

    I'm glad you're feeling better. ^^
    And don't fret, I'm sure we can still meet up with Ben and Isaac after my SPM, I'm not leaving for HK so soon. xD;