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    Friday, October 10, 2008

    "Double your fun." - NeYo, Closer

    so my eyes have been ridiculously mean to me all this week. dry and red and itchy and swollen. i don't know WHY, but i have a feeling its because of all the construction work in my neighbourhood. seriously, its like both sides there's construction work. so mom puts it down to all the dust, dad puts it down to not enough sleep and too much computer (maybe) and i just blame everything.

    well, thanks to nes, I HAS EYE CANDY!


    anyway. exams are next week. ;.; i am DOOMED FOREVAA because its ekons first, and i SUCK at ekons. its not funny, i am so bad at it. definitely dropping it next year. my internet is being sucky now.

    DA IS NOT WORKING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! and blogger is being slow. weird. maybe its coz of the rain. which is getting heavier. i was gonna put up pic of ritsu-sensei, soubi and seimei, but i guess i can't now. T^T

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