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    Sunday, October 12, 2008

    "The view from here is getting better with you by my side." - Check Yes Juliet, We the Kings

    currently listening to shake it. on mtv. :D
    okay its over. :P now i can concentrate on what i was going to say.
    what was i going to say?
    gawd. sara just completely made me forget with all her talk of verbs. @.@ i honestly don't get verbs and nouns and stuff. just write it and write it well, isn't that good enough?!
    lol at this rate i have NO IDEA how i'm going to be an english teacher. i'll probably just hit the kids over the head for writing wrongly. XD
    my grandma moved out yesterday, so now scott has moved into my old room. hopefully he moves all his stuff out of my current room because there's like ZERO space right now. we're just piling stuff on top of everything else.
    i really have to send all my old magazines for recycling. D:
    hohum i'm super addicted to fightstar and we the kings atm. SO AWESOME. lol. although we the kings kind of sound like a mix of all my favourite bands : paramore, fallout boy, boys like girls. insane. :P fightstar's just AWESOME SHIT. i had no idea charlie could sing like that. so used to hearing him singing "year 3000.." lol.
    I WANT TO GO SWIMMING..... T.T i haven't gone in AGES and i can feel the fat congealing beneath my skin. oh god.
    i really should be studying right now. lol. i've been saying that so many times. OH HEY LOOK, fireflight is on now! :D

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