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    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Remember Me.

    "When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done." Linkin Park, Leave Out All The Rest.

    despite the very emo title and song lyric, i am NOT depressed and NOT on my way to committing suicide. capeesh?
    good. just clearing the air. :P

    anyway! i sort of got the gyst of what it was i wanted to blog about yesterday. it had to do with death and dying. and my funeral. when i die, that is, and i don't intend to until i at least see my daughter / son married. :P

    yeah. okay! for a grim topic, i'll try to make this as light as possible. ^^


    1. Kindly don't play any overly emo sob-to-the-point-of-hyperventilation songs. i'm leaving the song selection to nessa. :P pick something fun!!
    2. Please don't wear dull colours to my funeral. i'll be sitting on a cloud and looking down at ya'll and feeling depressed myself. ;.; as if i don't have enough to be depressed about already!
    3. This is for my Mom, though she'd probably shoot me if she reads this. XDD "WHY ARE YOU SO MORBID?!" and such, so i'll leave it to you guys to tell her. :P i want to look like those dead people in the movies. XDD LOOK, i don't care if you airbrush the make up on, you could even stick a photo (albeit one of me looking very beautiful, ahem ahem) on my face and i probably wouldn't mind. :P just make me look pretty!
    4. I would very much like my coffin to be surrounded by lilies during the service. ^^
    5. Cremate me. and then throw my ashes from a hilltop into the wind, if possible, plskthx. XD


    1. Ditto above. maybe a slower song would be more appropriate though. :P
    2. Ditto above. maybe things should be abit more sober. hmm. okay people, no neon colours!
    3. uh, okay, i really don't know about this one. XD
    4. If i get married and die after, i would like the photo in front of my coffin to be the one taken on my wedding day. :P If not, then just make sure to have put a photo of me SMILING in front.
    5. Ditto above, i'd like to be free. XD


    1. DITTO EVERYTHING. songs should probably be slower, colours should probably be more sober.. etc.
    2. Photo in front should be of meee (duh) smiling in my old fragile age. XD
    3. Get somebody to play an organ!! pipe, not innards.
    4. If not a pipe organ, than maybe a bagpipe. XDD kilt and all!! just make sure he wears his underpants.

    okay! for everyone single one of these, i want nicole to make the eulogy. make it funny darling! :P and then.. nes can make a speech. definitely.
    MALLINI CAN MAKE ME CINNAMON BUNS. just leave them near the coffin. >:3
    i'll think of roles for the rest of you. ^^


    Sammy`. said...

    WHERE IS MY ROLE!!!!!!!!

    kateh said...

    belum lah darling.. i did say i'll think up roles! (:
    don't worry. OMG you can be the photographer! XD

    iNezz0r! said...


    Yeah! I get to be the DJ at the funeral. 8DDD

    What if I go first though?

    mayuriml said...

    good god kateh, so depressing!!

    you morbid, morbid child. you need saturday morning cartoons to brighten up your post!!!