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    Friday, September 19, 2008

    FLABBEH DEBBEH. and we. recycle!

    "I'm leaving on a jet plane ; Don't know when I'll be back again ; Oh babe ; I hate to go." - Chantal Kreviazuk, Leaving On A Jet Plane.

    BAHAHA! beautiful. XD
    anyway. for our dearest debbie.

    1. Cell leader.
    2. Friend.
    3. Lunatic.

    Gorgeous in every aspect. i'm going to miss you so badly!! even though i was never as close to you as alot of other people, but you're definitely taught me alot.
    COME BACK SOON BITCHHH -gets brick'd-

    i will miss you debbie. i hope that UK (UK, UK not Europe. geez!!) will treat you well and won't keep you away from your beloved cell and boyfriend for too long. :/
    i love you!!!!!! -GLOMP-


    anyway!! here we go -->

    okay!! obviously, we want you to RECYCLE!!

    please just let me clear up a rather unnerving popular belief : we will NOT collect it from YOUR HOUSE, you gotta come to US! come on. its not that far. =.= plskthx.


    recyclable junk, that is. i'm sorry, but we don't do trash collection. that belong to alam flora -points-

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