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    Sunday, May 04, 2008

    yesterday :
    darren : what is 'hot' to you guys?
    marcia and me : -blank stares-
    darren : ehm.. well?
    me : ehm..
    marcia : it, er, differs..
    me : yeah, it uh, VARIES from girl to girl.
    marcia : yeah, or, well..
    me : we.. kind of don't know.

    which brings me back to a conversation from p.s. i love you. girls, i am about to reveal our secret. XD

    daniel : not to put you on the spot or anything, but what do women want? they want us to be on top, they want us to be at the bottom, they want us to make a move, they don't want us to make a move, use hair products, don't use hair products - what do you people want???
    holly : okay. i'm going to tell you but you can't tell anyone. it's a sacred secret.
    daniel : sacred secret, right.
    holly : -whispers- we have absolutely NO IDEA what we want!

    tis true. :P we don't know what we want. i certainly don't know what I want, lol. okay, i sort of know what i want, it just.. changes. from time to time. fairly often. i guess.okay. shutting up now.
    so yes, now you guys know!! we girls have absotively posilutely NO IDEA what we want!

    unless you guys already knew tht lah. :P

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