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    Thursday, May 22, 2008


    hi everyone!! sorry i've been away so long. >.< color="#666600">i'm FREE for the next two weeks. ^^ plans for june :

    1. get new swimmies. my old one piece is too small (yes lah, i know, FAT. :P). well, it would be, considering the fact that it was my mom's old one. gawd. i think i deserve my own one piece. XD have to find the money first though. T.T

    2. seventeen summer splash! :P yes, i plan to go and swim and spy on cute boys. ;p what else is the one piece for?

    3. go to the times bookstore sale, if there is one during the holidays. i hope there is! T.T i'm being deprived of new reading material. i've been reading all my old books over and over again. geez.

    4. get the parent's appreciation day thing done and over with. this one's pretty interesting because a week ago, i was feeling really upset about it. was feeling kinda unappreciated. i found out later tht some of the feeling was due to PMS. XD
    but only some, i really WAS feeling very unappreciated by kenny who's always got favourites. i've been working with him for YEARS and i still don't get any proper thanks while all his favourites (yi lyn, emilyn, now its wei wei) come and go and never come back. i mean, geez. why does he ask me to audition, then pick me for dance and then always make me just one of the other dancers? i'm being honest here, i know this is self glorification, but i couldn't help it, you know? sigh. but anyway. i lost focus and now i'm hopefully back on track. even though i'm doing pretty embarassing stuff, like standing on one corner of the stage with my feet turned in (weird AND awkward) and my hands lifted in what's supposed to be an expression of awe and dancing with little kids. the latter isn't so bad. but i'll do my best coz i know : this is for God! :P

    5. go for school rehearsels. i am margaret in inessa's adaptation of shakespeare's "much ado about nothing". its nothing big, i have like, one line and i am handmaiden to one of the main characters, Hero, who is played by christina who pinched my cheek hard at the bus stop the other day. and i hardly know her. so i was like, stunned. lol.

    6. finish up at least two more chapters in math for tuition. well, tht's mdm lai's plan, not mine! :P

    7. marcia's school's IU day! lol, she invited me and promised much dancing, so i definitely wanna go. but thats after the parent's appreciation day thing anyway.

    8. sleep over at sammy's! she had an operation on her knee, so she can't really walk. so i shall go and cheer her up! ^^

    so far that's it, but i'm pretty sure there'll be more to come. i'll update again ASAP. i can't really type properly coz the keys on the keyboard are coming off and it's really annoying. i'm watching indiana jones tomorrow! ^^ God knows how isaac got them tickets. huzzah! (:

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